My Writing

Even though I didn’t have the words for it as a kid, I loved the brooding, elemental realities swirling just beneath the surface of mythology and dark, gnarly fairy tales. As an adult, that still holds true, but it’s grown into an appreciation for a broader catalogue of fantasy fiction. And in a carry-over from my college major, I also enjoy those nuggets of truth-is-stranger-than-fiction collectively known as history. While I read in most genres, my interest in these two things is what leads me to write Historical Fantasy.

When I’m in “The Zone”—immersed in the world I’m creating/recreating—I am privileged to breathe rarified air. It’s an experience I want to share with others through my stories. To that end, I have an epic adventure novel set in 14th century Europe titled “Conjurers” that will be published soon and in relative tandem with “Wicked and Loving Lies,” a magical coming of age short story set in New Orleans of the late 19th Century. Additionally, I have a YA time travel novel in progress, tentatively titled “Revolutionary” and have started the Conjurers sequel.