My Short Stories Now Available On Amazon!

I am excited to announce that the first of my short stories are now available online! Click either image below to view more information on Amazon.

Short storiesWicked and Loving Lies

In 1876, ten-year-old Lalin Pasquet is content, if lonely, within her protected corner of New Orleans. The daughter of a scandalously celebrated quadroon, she leads what seems a charmed life, with silk dresses and a mysterious creole servant. Yet when La unexpectedly awakens a creature of glimmering magic on the night before Mardi Gras, her fairy tale world collides with deadly reality and everything she’s ever known unravels in a tissue of wicked and loving lies.

Slide1Festival of Rogues

Though Yornen Stilcho comes from a family whose obsession led enterprising ancestors to famous, spectacular, and rather terrifying deaths, he is himself a man of dubious talent and zero ambition. He likes when things come easy. So when invited to serve as the much-feasted, endlessly toasted, and libidinously indulged champion of this year’s Festival in Yent, Yornen can find no truly compelling reason to say no. The one unfortunate, itsy-bitsy downside is that—short of a miracle—he’ll be dead at the end.

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