Lady Midday: the Noon-Demon

I found bits and pieces about Lady Midday online and was instantly smitten. From that first encounter and the research that followed came the beginnings of a short story.

The Lady of the Rye

Lady Midday, not to be confused with Billie Holliday (a.k.a. Lady Day) is a Slavic noon-demon who delights in causing sunstroke and madness in fieldworkers. She is at the height of her power at noon in the summer. The demon goes by many names, including Kornwyf and Pscipolnitsa. She wears a white dress, carries a scythe or shears, and can appear as a young girl, an aged crone, or a beautiful woman, depending upon her fancy.


Lady Midday


I imagine this demon as almost childlike: carefree, selfishly hedonistic, and only incidentally cruel.

I do love me some internet browsing, it can be a great source of inspiration. Of course, it can also be a terrible distraction. It is the modern, any-hour-of-day demon that gives you a stroke in a silvery bath of computer light rather than in bright, beating sunlight.

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