Gross Foods to Eat from Around the World

I researched curious types of fruit and was focused on things like durian, stinking toe and Buddha fruit (the extract of which is 300 times sweeter than sugar). Then I came across a website listing 101 strange (read gross) foods. Since I am a sucker for gross foods to eat, I thought I’d share. Here is just a smattering from the list:

11. Akutaq (Eskimo Ice Cream) – Alaska

Gross foods to eat

Photo Source : Meredith

Eskimo ice cream can sound sweet and creamy but it isn’t. It is made up of reindeer fat, seal oil, freshly fallen snow, berries and ground fish.

23. Blodplättar – Sweden and Finland

Strange food 2

Photo Source :Emily Eveland

Similar to black pudding, Blodplättar is a thinner and crispier version made by whipping pork blood with milk, flour and seasoning, cooked in a frying pan like pancakes.

34. Dragonfly – Indonesia and China

Strange food 3

Photo Source : Immortallife

Dragonflies are boiled or fried and they simply taste like soft-shell crabs.

67. Walking Stick – Asia and Papua New Guinea

Strange food 4

Photo Source :Manataka

Walking sticks are actually insects and the taste is somewhat leafy.

100. Mosquito Eggs – Mexico


Photo Source :AFP

Mosquito eggs are first dried then roasted. They can be wrapped in tortillas and served with a squeeze of lime or lemon.

To see the full list in all it’s glory, visit When on Earth.

  • Do not read this post while eating (or just prior to planned eating).

  • Fascinating! I like to eat food of other countries when I travel, but I think I”ll draw the line at these. I’m sure I had the dragonfly in china about 35 years ago (when China
    was first opening up to tourism), but it was coated before fried–and I am SO HAPPY I didn’t know what I was eating. Okay, maybe it wasn’t dragonfly–maybe just some sort of worm.

    • Crikey! You are more adventurous than I am, Char. I definitely prefer to know what I am eating before I pop it in my mouth. Truly, there is no way I would voluntarily eat the things on this list.

  • You have just confirmed my suspicions. You’re a boy. Boys are gross

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