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Sneak Peek Teaser for Great Fantasy Cover Art

I am excited to announce I’ve been working with artist Patrick Arrasmith for the cover of my novel, The Conjurers.

Great fantasy cover art can make all the difference for a novel’s success and I am thrilled to be working with Patrick for mine. He has created covers for such notable publishing houses as Random House, Tor, Nightshade Books, Macmillan, Scholastic and Viking Press.

A Great Fantasy Cover Artist

Patrick works in a medium called scratchboard that gives his images a unique, fantastical and otherworldly feel. I was specifically drawn in by a dark, mysterious cover he did for J.D. Horn’s horror novel, “The Void.”

I’m looking at a release date around the beginning of May for the novel, with preorders available well before that. In the next couple weeks, I’ll give you insiders a sneak peak at its spectacular Arrasmith cover. Until then, let me tantalize you with a few images from Patrick’s portfolio. These provide just a hint of what he can do.

Arrasmith produces great fantasy cover art and much, much more





Hauntings (Silhouette)

To see more of Patrick’s amazing artwork, visit his website at

My Short Stories Now Available On Amazon!

I am excited to announce that the first of my short stories are now available online! Click either image below to view more information on Amazon. Wicked and Loving Lies In 1876, ten-year-old Lalin Pasquet is content, if lonely, within her protected corner of New Orleans. The daughter of a scandalously celebrated quadroon, she leads what seems a […]

An Historical Mother from the Mughal Empire

A writer of historical fiction has a Smörgåsbord of story options that extends even beyond the pale of imagination. Truly has it been said that fact is stranger than fiction. So far, my own writing focuses on fictional characters in historical times, not on historical characters, per se, although I believe that may change in […]

Kallikantzaros: Goblins of Southeastern Europe

In the folklore of Southeastern Europe and Anatolia (Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey), goblins are known as the kallikantzaros. They live underground and only come to the surface during nights of the Twelve Days of Christmas—December 25th through January 5th. Those days, which used to be known in Serbia as “the unbaptized days,” are a time […]

Magical Lands

I’d like to call this post, “Where in the World is David Waid?” but sadly, the answer to that is always: typing in the near dark, growing small, pallid mushrooms on his back and inner thighs. Let’s move quickly away from that image and get to the pristine Elysium of today’s destination… The Faroe Islands […]