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Sneak Peek Teaser for Great Fantasy Cover Art

I am excited to announce I’ve been working with artist Patrick Arrasmith for the cover of my novel, The Conjurers.

Great fantasy cover art can make all the difference for a novel’s success and I am thrilled to be working with Patrick for mine. He has created covers for such notable publishing houses as Random House, Tor, Nightshade Books, Macmillan, Scholastic and Viking Press.

A Great Fantasy Cover Artist

Patrick works in a medium called scratchboard that gives his images a unique, fantastical and otherworldly feel. I was specifically drawn in by a dark, mysterious cover he did for J.D. Horn’s horror novel, “The Void.”

I’m looking at a release date around the beginning of May for the novel, with preorders available well before that. In the next couple weeks, I’ll give you insiders a sneak peak at its spectacular Arrasmith cover. Until then, let me tantalize you with a few images from Patrick’s portfolio. These provide just a hint of what he can do.

Arrasmith produces great fantasy cover art and much, much more





Hauntings (Silhouette)

To see more of Patrick’s amazing artwork, visit his website at

Historical Fantasy, New Orleans Style

I have been fascinated with 19th century New Orleans as a setting ever since reading Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice. Today’s post is a sample snipped from a little ways into my recently released short story, Wicked and Loving Lies. This historical fantasy follows Lalin Pasquet, the daughter of a quadroon named Clemence, who lives […]

My Short Stories Now Available On Amazon!

I am excited to announce that the first of my short stories are now available online! Click either image below to view more information on Amazon. Wicked and Loving Lies In 1876, ten-year-old Lalin Pasquet is content, if lonely, within her protected corner of New Orleans. The daughter of a scandalously celebrated quadroon, she leads what seems a […]

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell Go BBC

There is historical fiction and there is fantasy fiction and I love them each separately. Rarely do the two meet in the sub-genre known as historical fantasy, but when they do it has the potential to create a synergy of awesomeness that surpasses even Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Of course, I am partial to historical fantasy because […]

Lady Midday: the Noon-Demon

I found bits and pieces about Lady Midday online and was instantly smitten. From that first encounter and the research that followed came the beginnings of a short story. The Lady of the Rye Lady Midday, not to be confused with Billie Holliday (a.k.a. Lady Day) is a Slavic noon-demon who delights in causing sunstroke and […]

Plague Doctor: Maestro Lodovicetti

Because the story took a different direction, the following is a piece that didn’t make the final cut for Conjurers, an epic historical fantasy set in 14th century Europe. This snippet ultimately transformed into a kind of exercise or character sketch for my primary antagonist, the alchemist-cum-vivisectionist, Maestro Lodivicetti. # The journey had been easier than the Maestro […]

Ursula K. LeGuin Separates Fantasy from Fiction

Alexandra Alter wrote a recent article in the New York Times (2/19/15) regarding a new book launch by Kazuo Ishiguru, author of such well-known general fiction as The Remains of the Day. In it, she writes: “Mr. Ishiguro still seems slightly anxious about how the book will be received. It could be embraced as brilliant […]

Lord Dunsany: The Father of Fantasy

Some authors should never be forgotten. Today the spotlight falls on one of them: Lord Dunsany, an Irishman who lived from 1878-1957. A major influence on fantasy fiction, the absurdly gifted Lord Dunsany was a brilliant, inventive writer, the Irish national chess champion and an actual aristocrat. In fact, he was Edward John Moreton Drax […]

Tip for Editing a Novel That Can Save You from Yourself

I am going to occasionally share bits and pieces of my writing that have been edited or torn weeping from the arms of my novels, spitted on the bloody bayonet of tight language and hoisted in the air to flop and wave for all the world to view with sickened, slack-jawed horror. In short, this […]

Life Coaching from a Medieval Wizard

Today’s Surprise Guest Blogger: Honorius of Thebes Honorius of Thebes is the author of “The Sworn Book of Honorius,” an actual medieval grimoire containing 93 chapters of secret magical instruction on subjects ranging from the finding of lost treasures to the performance of rituals for the conjuration and command of demons. He is also the […]