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I make obeisance to the writers who plough through 5,000+ words per day

After not posting for a week, I have returned to the saddle. As any author with a family and a full time job can attest, finding balance can sometimes be tricky. I look in awe on those who crank out material in quantities of mass comparable to the heft of the observable universe (3 × 10^52  kg!!!). One author I came across has three blogs to which he apparently posts every day while simultaneously writing and publishing 8-9 full-length novels a year.


Oh, pardon me. Contemplating, this author’s blistering pace, I collapsed to the floor, an insensate glob of jelly. Now I’m back.

So, as I was saying: balance. This week, the day job required much of my attention. With the time I had left, I worked with the artist doing cover art for my novel and figured out the mechanics of indie-publishing short stories on Amazon. It is an anxiety-producing experience for a certified Luddite.

However, there comes a point when you must send your babies tottering out into the world, even if you are the kind of parent who bites his knuckle when they let go of the couch edge to stand on their own. You must learn and grow and make decisions. And then…return to writing.

  • Glad you are back although I can understand your absence. If I’m writing or editing, my blogging becomes minimal. If I’m blogging – as in April’s Blogging from A to Z – my writing suffers… or my health suffers if I push myself to do both. I have to allocate my spoons every day and the danger of running out is very real. (Spoons refers The Spoon Theory

    • Thanks, Roland. I really enjoyed the link to the Spoon Theory post. That is a really a helpful way of explaining what it means to deal with a chronic condition.

  • 5,000 words a day! Wow. I can’t even imagine cranking out that much.

    I totally understand your dilemma. My blog definitely suffers when I’m in the throes of writing, or when life gets hectic. It sounds like what you were doing was more important.

    • Thanks so much! It can be demoralizing to have to make these choices, but under the new model of author/marketer/entrepreneur, it seems inevitable.

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