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Children’s Book Nightmares: Struwwelpeter

When I was a kid, my grandparents had a copy of Struwwelpeter laying around at their house and to this day I believe it remains the most frightening children’s book ever. The book was published in Germany in 1845 and the title translates as “Shock-Headed Peter.” The author, Heinrich Hoffman, created it because he wanted a […]

Treasure Troves and Hoards

Vaults and rotting chests, cobwebs, skulls and devious traps. Shining, shimmering dragon heaps and leprechaun cauldrons. These are the stuff of dreams. My dreams, anyway. But whether it’s called a treasure trove or a hoard actually makes a difference. When is a Trove Not a Hoard? A treasure trove is defined by as “any […]

Life Coaching from a Medieval Wizard

Today’s Surprise Guest Blogger: Honorius of Thebes Honorius of Thebes is the author of “The Sworn Book of Honorius,” an actual medieval grimoire containing 93 chapters of secret magical instruction on subjects ranging from the finding of lost treasures to the performance of rituals for the conjuration and command of demons. He is also the […]

Vampires, Werewolves and Demons!

They’re the blood-sucking, flesh-rending, soul-destroying creatures of the night. And, boy, do they have issues. I am holding in my hand the book, Vampires, Werewolves & Demons: Twentieth Century Reports in the Psychiatric Literature, by Richard Noll, a clinical psychologist and historian of medicine. I originally found this book on the shelves of the Grand […]