Artistic Doodling: New Shank City

It started out as artistic doodling; a simple way to pass the time.

As I drew more characters, the beginnings of a minimalist story premise began to develop in my mind. This is certainly no thing of gravitas and profundity and has no aspirations to be that. For depth, you must check out the comic books of Neil Gaiman. This was just for whimsy.

One of the pictures below is a little fuzzy. I apologize for that and will work on getting a replacement, but in the meantime, I am hoping this one is decipherable.

Artistic doodling NewShank7 NewShank00 Newshank3 NewShank5

As you can see, what started off as doodles, spun into something more: pencil and ink drawings mounted in a glass-lidded, backlit shadow box. Occasionally the obsessive-compulsive spirit grabs hold of me and won’t let go.

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