About Me

The Early Years

I grew up part of an artistic family in Manhattan’s SoHo. Attending a public grade school in Little Italy/Chinatown, I was a member of a student body that broke down as 90% Chinese, 5% Hispanic and 5% Other. Among the many useful things I gleaned from my time at PS 130 was enough Cantonese to count to 100, to say my line from a 6th grade Chinese opera, and to reel off a prodigious variety of creative curse words. I attended high school in Brooklyn and punk rock clubs in the East Village, then went on to college where I majored in the eminently un-monetizable subject of History.

The Marvelous Middle

I have worked in New York and California and am now a public affairs consultant living in Arizona with my wife of 22 years, three kids, and an utterly craven, food-obsessed puggle whose name means “Battle Lord” in Gaelic.

Random Waid Trivia

  • Once I had a job selling $326 electric toothbrushes. We didn’t have to go anywhere or call anyone: they called us from magazine ads. Because you could do that job while functionally brain dead and it paid pretty well, it became a two-year layover—the real-life equivalent of landing in Candy Land’s Molasses Swamp.
  • I (very distantly) helped organize a series of Rock the Vote concerts in 2008 and attended one in Richmond, VA, with my son. We went back stage, hung with the bands and the Beastie Boys dedicated “No Sleep ‘til Brooklyn” to the two of us.
  • I am kind of sick in the head for music. Rather than list the many kinds I like, it is easier to list the ones I don’t:
    • 1) Easy listening
    • 2) Gregorian chant (sorry history buffs, but I’ve tried!)
    • 3) Anything that includes the shrill, accursed nose flute